Topic: NOISE

Roy Kadair

Comment: We live at 7436 Richards Drive and already have to deal with interstate noise and the flyover from I-12 to I-10 and very much object to another flyover behind […]

Kevin Bourgeois

Comment: We are concerned about continuing to live in our current location due to the project. The interstate is already very noisy and close to our property. We do not […]

Robin Marschall

Comment: I support noise barriers and feel they are important for neighborhoods bordering the Interstate project. I would hope that consideration would also be given to not raising any billboards […]

Mary Donalson

Comment: What is the projected timeline for the other projects which are included in the multifaceted traffic solution? It seems unlikely that these projects will ever occur, and that the […]

Jean Lowrey

Comment: 2. Will the movement of the new Interstate columns add to our noise factor and what will be done about construction noise? How much more noise can these tenants […]

Michael Frenzel

Comment: Now about this project ‐ two areas. One. I live in the Jefferson Place ‐ Bocage sub‐division, and attended the public meeting held on August 29, 2018. As I […]

Michael & Charest Fels

Comment: As a resident of Jefferson place, I would like to voice my family’s deep concern for the proposed flyover. We live on the hill half way up McConnell and […]

Leslie Gladney

Comment: I’m very concerned with noise, dust, dirt, security, vibrations from construction equipment and paving, increase in my allergies, loss of tranquility at my property, loss of property value, CONSTANT […]

Lauren Barfield

Comment: I am writing as a concerned citizen. The proposed flyover that borders our neighborhood will increase noise from I-10, may adversely impact drainage, may be visible from our neighborhood, […]

Erin Hess

Comment: Hi, I am a resident of Jefferson Place/ Bocage. I am writing to express my concerns over the flyover proposed in the I-10 expansion. I am concerned about increased […]

Erin Mosely

Comment: Regarding the widening of I-10 and the flyover. I’m a resident in Bocage subdivision and have a few concerns about this. 1. noise created by the expansion, specifically the […]

Dean Reinschmidt

Comment: As a resident of Jefferson Place/Bocage, my primary concerns, which are also the concerns of many I have spoken with in our neighborhood, are the impact on drainage and […]

Al & Anne Rotenberg

Comment: This is in regard to the College Drive flyover construction. We live in Jefferson Place-Bocage and hope you will give proper consideration on how it will effect our neighbors […]

Stephen St. Cyr

Comment: Below is the text of a comment sent to you by my wife. I wholeheartedly agree with her position. First, I applaud your presentation of a plan that will […]