Michael Frenzel


Now about this project ‐ two areas.
I live in the Jefferson Place ‐ Bocage sub‐division, and attended the public meeting held on August 29, 2018. As I understand it, the stated need for the I‐10 Westbound flyover near the I‐10/I‐12 merge, is to eliminate the need for those on I‐10 westbound to cross over ‘several lanes of traffic’ in order to use the College Drive exit.
I understand the proposed changes in traffic flow, but am not convinced that it is needed, particularly for the I‐10 westbound traffic.
Assuming however, the decision is made that the I‐10 westbound flyover is needed, then I VERY STRONGLY suggest that sound walls/barriers be added to the to/from approach ramps and on the flyover itself.
This flyover is different from the existing nearby flyover. This I‐12 to I‐10 flyover essentially is a 180‐degree slingshot flyover. That is, it’s a relatively ‘low speed’ ramp, not likely to generate the amount of noise that a straight ramp would.


The project team is evaluating the effect of the flyover ramp on the noise levels for the residences in the Jefferson Place and Bocage neighborhoods.