Alison Thompson

Comment: Widening I‐10 without addressing the capacity of the Mississippi River Bridge will be a fruitless, expensive boondoggle. Referencing the I‐10 Open House PowerPoint presentation, August 2018: “Increasing capacity of I‐10 must be a part of a larger multi‐faceted solution” [slide 12]. So, where is the multi‐faceted, larger solution that goes along with the widening? […]

David Wagenecht

Comment: Until you get more lanes OVER the bridge you will not be able to alleviate traffic woes, all else is window dressing. More lanes to the bridge could worsen traffic woes, as cars would have to merge (again) at base. The new Huey P. Long Bridge in Jefferson Parish is one incredible example of […]

Leif Remo

Comment: I attended the Aug 28 meeting but haven’t yet submitted feedback. My overall feedback for this I-10 project is this: dismantle the interstate highway within Baton Rouge city limits and replace much of it with a boulevard. This is in line with the forward-thinking movement to remove urban freeways, as they are now known […]

Robert Sherman

Comment: This project does not address the problem. We need alternate routes! A loop, another MS River bridge and/or better surface streets! Response: Data-driven analysis conducted in 2015 by the industry-led CRISIS group, ranked the widening of I-10 as the single most important project, and the one that would deliver the most bang for the […]

Margot Addison

Comment: First, since it is acknowledged that this project will not solve the long term problem with traffic in BR, and that by the time all the construction is completed it will be time to start over, why not address the problem with a permanent long term solution. A new bridge that connects with a […]

Dorian Heroman, P.E.

Comment: Louisiana needs to be FAR-SEEING and not Band-aiding; There should be plans made to go to Grosse Tete and have 2 new roads implemented; South: connect the Sunshine Bridge to Grosse Tete to divert west bound trucks [and cars] to I-49 and I-10 west. North: connect to St. Francisville bridge and to I-55 to […]

Deborah Roe

Comment: 4. I am opposed to widening the interstate in this area. Enlarging a funnel but keeping the receptacle the same size does not eliminate overflow. Widening the interstate but funneling traffic onto the same size bridge only enlarges the congestion over a residential/historic/small business neighborhood vs. along an occupied interstate corridor between College and […]


Comment: I have been a resident of Baton Rouge since Fall of 1999 and I have lived in various places throughout the US, primarily South and Southeast for over 25 years. I have traveled the I-10 corridor for all of my life from as far east as it goes and as far west to West […]

Kathy Wascom

Comment: I am opposed to the widening of the Interstate in the Overpass and Lakes area. The construction will cut through the core of the city, create blight and diminish the quality of life in an historic neighborhood. The “benefits” of travel time do not compare to the costs not only of the project, but […]

Georgann Mire

Comment: Hello – I live in University Gardens and I am opposed to this expansion. If, however, widening I-10 at Perkins is inevitable, then please make plans to creatively develop the existing and new areas under the overpass to improve outcomes for our neighborhood. Add to the charm of the area and mitigate the property […]

James Buchtel

Comment: The project as proposed will do very little to alleviate the daily congestion currently being experienced. The real problem is associated with the lack of sufficient vehicle capacity of the bridge crossing the Mississippi River. Until an expanded or supplemental bridge is completed, there can be no suitable solution to the local traffic problem […]

Pamela Baker

Comment: This is a short sighted plan. A band aid and waste of money. We need a bypass. You will take property and businesses and just push the problem down the road. Response: During the Stage 0 Feasibility Study for this project, alternative regional transportation improvements were considered including a new southern Mississippi River Bridge […]

Philipa Blair

Comment: Is this a done deal or will Baton Rouge citizens be able to end this construction? A concerned WBR citizen. Response: DOTD intends to move forward with the completion of the Environmental process.

Jerome Ducote

Comment: This is a waste of time and money Response: Thank you for your comment.