Mary Donalson

Comment: What efforts are being made to prevent runoff from the construction from running into the adjacent Lakes and/or bayous? Bird Refuge concerns? Air and/or water monitoring? I-10 Typical Comments: At elevated portions of the project, existing steel spans should be replaced with reinforced concrete in order to reduce “roar”. Sound barriers should be included […]

Georgann Mire

Comment: Hello ‐ I live in University Gardens. Can you send me information about how the expansion will effect drainage and walkability for my neighborhood? Thanks Response: Drainage patterns in this area will be similar as they are after construction of this project. Any potential drainage issues in this area and proper drainage design for […]

Anna Bourgeois

Comment: Please reconsider the overdevelopment that is occurring in BR. I live in Southeast BR where profound flooding took place. Removing land and substituting concrete minimizes water flow. Response: Thank you for your comments. A large amount of the project will occur on elevated interstate/bridge sections, minimizing additional pavement on the ground.

Lauren Jumonville

Comment: Iconic City Park Lakes Bridge. Connect bridge runoff to storm water drainage and lakes. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Bond Lux

Comment: I want to reiterate our concern over impacts to drainage during and after this construction is complete. All of Jefferson Place along the existing sound wall and along Richards Drive was placed in the Flood Zone after Hurricane Gustav. I believe most of Bocage Lake Estates is in the flood zone. I have expressed […]

Bradley Spicer

Comment: I live at 3363 McCarroll Dr. in Bocage / Jefferson Place subdivision and we have a serious drainage problem at Richards / McCarroll intersection. It is likely the result of poor maintenance of the drainage system in the subdivision and the outlets downstream at I-10 and beyond. What measures are being proposed to address […]

Desha Martin

Comment: I hope something can be done to mitigate flooding problems that we experience on Acadian! Response: Any potential drainage issues in this area and proper drainage design for the whole project area will be an important component of the Stage 3 Final Design Process. Drainage concerns pecific to Acadian Thruway separate from the I-10 […]