Mary Donalson

Comment: What efforts are being made to prevent runoff from the construction from running into the adjacent Lakes and/or bayous? Bird Refuge concerns? Air and/or water monitoring? I-10 Typical Comments: […]

Georgann Mire

Comment: Hello ‐ I live in University Gardens. Can you send me information about how the expansion will effect drainage and walkability for my neighborhood? Thanks Response: Drainage patterns in […]

Anna Bourgeois

Comment: Please reconsider the overdevelopment that is occurring in BR. I live in Southeast BR where profound flooding took place. Removing land and substituting concrete minimizes water flow. Response: Thank […]

Lauren Jumonville

Comment: Iconic City Park Lakes Bridge. Connect bridge runoff to storm water drainage and lakes. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Bond Lux

Comment: I want to reiterate our concern over impacts to drainage during and after this construction is complete. All of Jefferson Place along the existing sound wall and along Richards […]

Bradley Spicer

Comment: I live at 3363 McCarroll Dr. in Bocage / Jefferson Place subdivision and we have a serious drainage problem at Richards / McCarroll intersection. It is likely the result […]

Desha Martin

Comment: I hope something can be done to mitigate flooding problems that we experience on Acadian! Response: Any potential drainage issues in this area and proper drainage design for the […]