Nathaniel Tannehill

Comment: Please move forward with the I-10 widening project. It is long overdue and desperately needed. Response: Thank you for your comment.

Van R. Mayhall, Jr.

Comment: Please proceed with the widening of I-10 according to the published plan. My full support, as a businessman who commutes daily to the downtown area, is behind it. I […]

Price Mounger

Comment: Please get started as soon as possible. Traffic in BR is horrible and this needs to be done ASAP. The plan looks great and impact appears minimal for good […]

AL Phillips

Comment: For improvements, even if it takes people’s home. It’s best for community. Response: Thank you for your comment.

Chase Rainey

Comment: I am in support of the I-10 Widening Project to help with traffic congestion. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Ronald Ray

Comment: Ronald Ray. You want my address? 10771 Misty Hollow, Baton Rouge, 70810. I was reviewing the Baton Rouge interstate widening plans and a lot of it is very, very […]

Johnathan Scroggins

Comment: The Baton Rouge area, State and Local governments need to continue to identify ways to address the traffic issues our area faces. The present flow of traffic and lack […]

Brittaney Spruill

Comment: I fully support the widening project. As a resident of the Mid City area, I look forward to the reconfiguration of the exits, particularly the addition of the Terrace […]

Hans Sternberg

Comment: The widening of I-10 is critical for the growth of Baton Rouge. Response: Thank you for your comment.

Richard Manship

Comment: Why do we always let a few loud voices stop progress. On behalf of the thousands of people that sit still on the interstate daily, we beg you to […]

Ann Trappey

Comment: The I-10 widening project is sorely needed to improve transportation through the corridor. It won’t fix all of our traffic woes, but it will go a long way in […]

Clark Vega

Comment: Great Job Response: Thank you for your comment.


Comment: I travel weekly and have to cross the I‐10 bridge. I am tired of being stuck in traffic. It’s horrific that I‐10 goes down to one lane creating havoc […]

Rawlston Phillips, III

Comment: To whom it may concern. I am in support of the overall project and realize that some times you must give to get and there will be impacted areas […]