Rawlston Phillips, III

Comment: To whom it may concern. I am in support of the overall project and realize that some times you must give to get and there will be impacted areas of the road work. I do ask that DOTD take in consideration of the existing trees and overall esthetics of the road project. The trees […]

Fred Sibley

Comment: It is my understanding that the DOTD is proposing a project to widen I-10 and I-12 through Baton Rouge. While this is a valuable and worthwhile project, the current plan calls for the removal of HUNDREDS of trees and does not include any plans to replace them or to erect noise walls to protect […]

Sharon Weston Broome

Comment: Dear Secretary Wilson: The Interstate 10 Widening construction project, SPN H.004100.2 / Federal Aid Project No. H004100 (hereafter referred to as “The I-10 Widening Project”) is crucial to the continued growth and improvement of the City of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish (EBRP), and my administration is supportive of all efforts to […]

Richard Manship

Comment: Why do we always let a few loud voices stop progress. On behalf of the thousands of people that sit still on the interstate daily, we beg you to fix it. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Phillip Lillard

Comment: 1. Make upgrades in West Baton Rouge as planned. 2. In Baton Rouge: a. Eliminate Washington Street Exit and extend new lane from bridge to Dalrymple Dr on Eastbound. b. Add lane from College Drive to Acadian Thruway on Westbound I-10 c. Leave the Highland Road exit from bridge as it currently is. Response: […]

Van R. Mayhall, Jr.

Comment: Please proceed with the widening of I-10 according to the published plan. My full support, as a businessman who commutes daily to the downtown area, is behind it. I do realize some people will be inconvenienced and impacted. These people should be appropriately compensated. However, this number pales in comparison to the number who […]

Price Mounger

Comment: Please get started as soon as possible. Traffic in BR is horrible and this needs to be done ASAP. The plan looks great and impact appears minimal for good of entire region. Good Luck! Response: Thank you for your comment.

AL Phillips

Comment: For improvements, even if it takes people’s home. It’s best for community. Response: Thank you for your comment.

Chase Rainey

Comment: I am in support of the I-10 Widening Project to help with traffic congestion. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Ronald Ray

Comment: Ronald Ray. You want my address? 10771 Misty Hollow, Baton Rouge, 70810. I was reviewing the Baton Rouge interstate widening plans and a lot of it is very, very good, and I think it will be very beneficial, but I do have a couple of comments. One main comment is that the three lanes […]

Johnathan Scroggins

Comment: The Baton Rouge area, State and Local governments need to continue to identify ways to address the traffic issues our area faces. The present flow of traffic and lack of options are barriers to continued industrial (any by default with the indirect impacts – our community) growth. CRISIS and forward looking people have been […]

Brittaney Spruill

Comment: I fully support the widening project. As a resident of the Mid City area, I look forward to the reconfiguration of the exits, particularly the addition of the Terrace exit and the changes to Washington and Dalrymple. The flyover to College is also a convenient addition for us, as we live off that exit. […]

Hans Sternberg

Comment: The widening of I-10 is critical for the growth of Baton Rouge. Response: Thank you for your comment.

Nathaniel Tannehill

Comment: Please move forward with the I-10 widening project. It is long overdue and desperately needed. Response: Thank you for your comment.