The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, in cooperation with the project team, has developed an extensive public involvement plan for the I-10 Corridor Study. Public involvement is a critical component of the project development process. Opportunities for public involvement will be provided below as the project progresses. You can also use the Stay Informed field to the left to be added to the project’s email list and can submit comments any time using the Contact Us page of this website.

Stage 1 Public Meetings and Outreach Summary

The Stage 1 Planning and Environmental study will fully evaluate one mainline alternative and nine interchange alternatives accepted in the Feasibility Study. The Stage 1 study will help determine the social and environmental impacts that may be expected as a result of the implementation of the alternatives.

The DOTD will continue to engage the public throughout the Stage 1 process with a round of public informational meetings that will offer an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments, as well as a public hearing when the draft document has been completed.

Stage 0 Public Meetings and Outreach Summary

Extensive public outreach was conducted during the Stage 0 Feasibility Study process due to the sensitive and high profile nature of the project. Three surveys were conducted between April and June of 2015, prior to the first round of public meetings. In addition to the surveys, and conducted prior to the first round of public meetings, elected officials meetings/stakeholder interviews and focus group meetings were held.

The first round of public meetings was held in August 2015. Round one consisted of three separate meetings to allow ample opportunity for all members of the interested public to attend.

The second round of public meetings took place in February and March of 2016. Another round of three separate meetings was conducted covering both parishes in the project study area.

Meeting summaries from both rounds of public meetings, the stakeholder interview summary, and survey responses are located in Appendix E of the I-10 Corridor Improvements final feasibility study report, which can be found on the Project Info page of this website. The final report concludes the DOTD’s Stage 0 Feasibility Study process.