Mary Donalson


What is the projected timeline for the other projects which are included in the multifaceted traffic solution? It seems unlikely that these projects will ever occur, and that the widening project is just the easiest one to push through. Noise Barriers: eliminate proposed sound walls over the City Park Lakes (or provide clear sound walls to allow view of Lakes);noise barriers should be aesthetically pleasing; noise barriers between Dawson’s Creek and Christian Street (WB) and between Christian Street and Railroad (EB) are preferable, especially if the steel spans are not being replaced with noise-reducing reinforced concrete; Provide landscaping between travel lanes and noise barriers. I-10 Handout Comments: What are the 4 businesses that will be impacted and to what extent? What is the construction schedule? Night-time and weekend construction in residential areas is unacceptable. Perkins Road must stay open to traffic at all times. Any damage to Perkins Road and other construction impacted roads should be repaired properly as part of this project.


Others projects are in various stages of study; predicting a time line for those projects would be irresponsible. At the time of the public meetings multiple businesses were shown to be affected on the project role maps, as the project progresses, the potential exists for additional impact. Directly affected businesses in the Washington/Dalrymple area include a barber shop, tire shop, and convenience store. In the Perkins merchant area, directly affected businesses include a hair salon and restaurant. A construction schedule will be developed during Stage 3, Final Design; the project is anticipated to take five to ten years to construct. No closures of Perkins Road are anticipated, there may be occasional detours around construction zones where overhead hazards may be present.