Mary Donalson

Comment: Design-Build project process makes it very difficult to comment on design, as there is basically no real design available for review. Will there be an opportunity for public comment after the plans are more developed? Short comment period (2 weeks), by written comment only, only 3 public meetings (all the same week).DOTD has not […]

Earl Marcelle

Comment: My name is Earl Marcelle and I’m one of the property owners of the property at 1026 East Washington Street. If they do the roundabout option, it will take the property completely. I am opposed to that option and I prefer the option with the signals. And it’ll still have the turnaround. Even though […]

Robert D. Huey

Comment: I’m facing elevation of my home due to flood issues and now this. How much of fair market value could I get for a buyout of my property? Response: During the acquisition process, appraisals are done to determine value.

Jean Lowrey

Comment: 1. When will we get a definitive answer if any of our units will need to be acquired or strongly affected? Would you just absorb some of the units? What exactly is the extent of road blockage during construction resulting in loss of rentals. Response: The proposed apparent right-of-way was shown at the public […]

Donna Roppolo

Comment: On August 28, 2018, at the public meeting, I spoke with several DOTD representatives that told me and my neighbors that DOTD has all the ROW needed in front of our homes on Estates Road and Fiero. I was told that the map displayed at the public meeting was worst case scenario and that […]

Ramona Talley

Comment: I want to address the Homeowner’s Association for Hollydale Condominiums only because I manage homeowner associations. The building that’s going to be underneath, or appears to be on the servitude closest to the interstate, if that building has to be taken, that is less properties in this community to pay homeowner dues. That will […]