Mary Donalson

Comment: Design-Build project process makes it very difficult to comment on design, as there is basically no real design available for review. Will there be an opportunity for public comment […]

Earl Marcelle

Comment: My name is Earl Marcelle and I’m one of the property owners of the property at 1026 East Washington Street. If they do the roundabout option, it will take […]

Robert D. Huey

Comment: I’m facing elevation of my home due to flood issues and now this. How much of fair market value could I get for a buyout of my property? Response: […]

Jean Lowrey

Comment: 1. When will we get a definitive answer if any of our units will need to be acquired or strongly affected? Would you just absorb some of the units? […]

Donna Roppolo

Comment: On August 28, 2018, at the public meeting, I spoke with several DOTD representatives that told me and my neighbors that DOTD has all the ROW needed in front […]

Ramona Talley

Comment: I want to address the Homeowner’s Association for Hollydale Condominiums only because I manage homeowner associations. The building that’s going to be underneath, or appears to be on the […]