Kenri Avery

Comment: Concerned with how Washington St. exit will impact the community. Will this improvement create a more congestive issue for South Blvd., Terrace and 13th/Eddie Robinson? Response: DOTD has not studied the impacts of increased traffic on other areas.

Alan Karr

Comment: I was very impressed with the presentation and the maps. I like the overall approach to the project. I do wonder why the Nicholson/Highland exit doesn’t include Washington Street and completely do away with the Washington street exit as it exists or is planned. Washington Street is only 6 blocks down Highland Road. If […]

Doug Walsh

Comment: Priority should be given to correcting the Washington Street Exit, as it requires a single lane crossing the bridge. This is the MAJOR cause for traffic jams. What are the traffic counts per day using the Washington Street Exit? Response: Thank you for your comment. When completed, the traffic study for this project will […]

Devin Lance Graham

Comment: Completely remove the access to Washington St. Use the deceleration lane off the bridge as designed to stay elevated and exit at Dalrymple. Remove the Washington Street entry as well. Save the funds and move any traffic to Dalrymple as the access point. Response: Traffic Analysis shows that consolidated Washington Street/Dalrymple Drive Interchange will […]

Cheryl Bondadona

Comment: Intercoastal bridge -3 lanes – one lane to port allen only. All traffic going to Lafayette and Port Allen could get passed all traffic trying to get on bridge. Extra lane on curve going from bridge to I-10 East. Response: Thank you for your comment. The Intercoastal Bridge is outside of the project limits; […]

Phillip Lillard

Comment: 1. Make upgrades in West Baton Rouge as planned. 2. In Baton Rouge: a. Eliminate Washington Street Exit and extend new lane from bridge to Dalrymple Dr on Eastbound. b. Add lane from College Drive to Acadian Thruway on Westbound I-10 c. Leave the Highland Road exit from bridge as it currently is. Response: […]

Margot Addison

Comment: Adding lanes going up to the bridge, which can’t be widened, creates a bottleneck at the approach. coming off the bridge into BR is a problem, so remove Washington exit (Dalrymple is right there and Terrace will serve i110) and make 2 dedicated lanes off the bridge. Response: Traffic Analysis shows that two lanes […]