Kenri Avery

Comment: Concerned with how Washington St. exit will impact the community. Will this improvement create a more congestive issue for South Blvd., Terrace and 13th/Eddie Robinson? Response: DOTD has not […]

Alan Karr

Comment: I was very impressed with the presentation and the maps. I like the overall approach to the project. I do wonder why the Nicholson/Highland exit doesn’t include Washington Street […]

Doug Walsh

Comment: Priority should be given to correcting the Washington Street Exit, as it requires a single lane crossing the bridge. This is the MAJOR cause for traffic jams. What are […]

Devin Lance Graham

Comment: Completely remove the access to Washington St. Use the deceleration lane off the bridge as designed to stay elevated and exit at Dalrymple. Remove the Washington Street entry as […]

Cheryl Bondadona

Comment: Intercoastal bridge -3 lanes – one lane to port allen only. All traffic going to Lafayette and Port Allen could get passed all traffic trying to get on bridge. […]

Phillip Lillard

Comment: 1. Make upgrades in West Baton Rouge as planned. 2. In Baton Rouge: a. Eliminate Washington Street Exit and extend new lane from bridge to Dalrymple Dr on Eastbound. […]

Margot Addison

Comment: Adding lanes going up to the bridge, which can’t be widened, creates a bottleneck at the approach. coming off the bridge into BR is a problem, so remove Washington […]