James Buchtel

Comment: The project as proposed will do very little to alleviate the daily congestion currently being experienced. The real problem is associated with the lack of sufficient vehicle capacity of the bridge crossing the Mississippi River. Until an expanded or supplemental bridge is completed, there can be no suitable solution to the local traffic problem […]

Alison Thompson

Comment: Widening I‐10 without addressing the capacity of the Mississippi River Bridge will be a fruitless, expensive boondoggle. Referencing the I‐10 Open House PowerPoint presentation, August 2018: “Increasing capacity of I‐10 must be a part of a larger multi‐faceted solution” [slide 12]. So, where is the multi‐faceted, larger solution that goes along with the widening? […]

David Wagenecht

Comment: Until you get more lanes OVER the bridge you will not be able to alleviate traffic woes, all else is window dressing. More lanes to the bridge could worsen traffic woes, as cars would have to merge (again) at base. The new Huey P. Long Bridge in Jefferson Parish is one incredible example of […]

George Bofinger

Comment: I went to the open house last week and am very concerned about not widening the bridge. I realize it is going to be a major undertaking but that’s really the main issue. Extending the entrance and exit ramps will help but the main issue is the bridge. I am also wondering why we […]

Margot Addison

Comment: Adding lanes going up to the bridge, which can’t be widened, creates a bottleneck at the approach. coming off the bridge into BR is a problem, so remove Washington exit (Dalrymple is right there and Terrace will serve i110) and make 2 dedicated lanes off the bridge. Response: Traffic Analysis shows that two lanes […]