Comment: 23. How long will the following interchanges be closed during construction? 24. College Drive? 25. Acadian Thruway? 26. Perkins Road? 27. Dalrymple Drive? Round About? 28. Washington Street 29. […]

Deborah Roe

Comment: 2. The work planned for the interchanges with I-10 look to me to be of significant benefit in and of themselves. This should be Phase 1 of the project […]

Deborah Roe

Comment: 5. We should be informed of and deserve to know how DOTD projects work flow. Given my observations, road projects to step one, then 3 months later step 2, […]

Jean Lowrey

Comment: 6. Is there an estimated construction start time and completion date? Very important to know to allay the fears of the tenants who might want to relocate at the […]

Bob Wertz

Comment: Three suggestions: One, I would start with the College Drive eastbound widening. I would start there and work into town as the, one of the first projects. The reason […]