Comment: 23. How long will the following interchanges be closed during construction? 24. College Drive? 25. Acadian Thruway? 26. Perkins Road? 27. Dalrymple Drive? Round About? 28. Washington Street 29. The new Terrace Street Exit? 30. Then Nairn Street Bridge? Response: . 23-28 Portions of each interchange will need to be closed during various phases […]

Deborah Roe

Comment: 2. The work planned for the interchanges with I-10 look to me to be of significant benefit in and of themselves. This should be Phase 1 of the project with a pause for evaluating the impact of these changes before a final plan for interstate changes is implemented. INTERCHANGE WORK SHOULD BE DONE FIRST […]

Deborah Roe

Comment: 5. We should be informed of and deserve to know how DOTD projects work flow. Given my observations, road projects to step one, then 3 months later step 2, then 4 months later step 3, then 6 months later the stripping. This kind of work schedule on a project this big would devastate businesses […]

Jean Lowrey

Comment: 6. Is there an estimated construction start time and completion date? Very important to know to allay the fears of the tenants who might want to relocate at the end of their lease due to the mess around the area. Thank you for your time. I would appreciate a response in an appropriate amount […]

Bob Wertz

Comment: Three suggestions: One, I would start with the College Drive eastbound widening. I would start there and work into town as the, one of the first projects. The reason for that is — let’s say from the down ramp to College to the split, that would make that section four, four lanes wide, and […]