Renee Shortess


I have a house located at 2515 Honesuckle Ave and I am very concerned about the impacts this project will have on my house and property. From the project maps it appears that the fascia of the new Acadian Street on ramp will be approximately 30′ closer to my house than the existing fascia. Also the widening of the main westbound lanes will move closer. It is my understanding that this area does not qualify for federal aid to mitigate the noise impacts. What is the existing noise level at my property and what will be the increase in noise? How close is this area to qualifying for federal aid for sound walls.


Our traffic noise analysis indicates that noise levels at your property are currently in the upper 67-69 dBA range and will increase 1-2 dB in the future with the proposed project. A noise barrier for your neighborhood is not reasonable and feasible.