Stephen St. Cyr


Below is the text of a comment sent to you by my wife. I wholeheartedly agree with her position.

First, I applaud your presentation of a plan that will significantly reduce some of the traffic woes in the Baton Rouge corridor. However, I feel the project engineers and managers have skipped an important step that will prevent the new construction from decreasing the quality of life for those who live along the proposed construction areas.

I live in Jefferson Place, a neighborhood established since 1960. As Baton Rouge has grown, the interstate has expanded several times and swallowed up the wilderness area that used to buffer this subdivision. The noise level at the back of our subdivision is already above what I consider to be acceptable because of the I-12 to I-10 loop exit and the extra interstate lanes that have been added over the years. Our subdivision also has some drainage issues that may be contributed to by the runoff from the current interstate. If I understand the proposal correctly, the project does not currently include ANY mitigation for additional noise or increased load on the already overloaded drainage pathways near the back of our subdivision.

I believe this is a SERIOUS mistake to ask residents whose homes predate the very existence of I-12 and I-10 to accept this additional construction – including the College Drive flyover which is directly behind our neighborhood – without mitigating the negative impacts for us. Please, solve the traffic issue but mitigate the citizens whose quality of life and property values will be negatively impacted by the need to provide better traffic flow.

Thank you!


The project team is evaluating the effect of the flyover ramp on the noise levels for the residences in the Jefferson Place and Bocage neighborhoods. Proper drainage design for the project area will be an important component of the Stage 3 Final Design Process.