Southside Civic Association and Carol Ann Brown

Comment: 4. Connect the Greenwood Dr.(road that runs behind the businesses) to the shopping center on Perkins/S. Acadian or back to Perkins Rd. as the Perkins Rd. on/off ramps are being taken away. This would help alleviate some of the traffic on Perkins. The new area created by the removal of the ramps should be […]

Bond Lux

Comment: The proposed College Drive exit for I-10/I-12 is fundamentally a good idea however the proposed design is making motorists commit to that exit for approximately 1 mile. The problem is that it appears the project is not addressing the underlying traffic hairball called College Drive. There is no bail-out opportunity for motorists. The inevitable […]

Lauren Jumonville

Comment: Polk Street Park should be maintained as much as possible. Create safe connection for OSBR to lakes. Response: East Polk Street Park is part of a concept plan to provide a trail from Expressway Park to the City Park Lake/Dalrymple Drive. No impact to active park uses are anticipated as a result of the […]

Doug Moore

Comment: Will pedestrian access be preserved for those needing to cross under the interstate at Terrace, Louise and Washington streets? We’re pleased to see a multi-use path on the west side of Acadian, even though it’s merely conceptual at this point, but what about those needing to walk along the east side of Acadian between […]

Davis Rhorer

Comment: 5) Neighborhood and Street Impact Any closures or separation of neighborhood streets proposed in this project should be studied and minimized. The closure and/or separation of neighborhood streets has historically divided neighborhoods and spurred disinvestment and safety issues amongst the nearby properties. Streets in the downtown area that were closed when interstates I-10 and […]