Topic: NOISE

Erin Hess

Comment: Hi, I am a resident of Jefferson Place/ Bocage. I am writing to express my concerns over the flyover proposed in the I-10 expansion. I am concerned about increased noise and drainage issues that will certainly result from this expansion. I, respectfully, ask that you take the necessary steps to mitigate the increases in […]

Johnell Rogers

Comment: I would like to see a plan that includes the replacement of trees that are scheduled to be removed or a noise barrier wall erected to protect the Stradford Place neighborhood!   Response: DOTD will be replacing trees in accordance with their Significant Tree policy and will replant where, possible in coordination with Baton Rouge […]

Brittany White

Comment: How do you plan on replacing the trees which are being used as a sound barrier for my subdivision, Stratford Place? I agree with the widening but a sound wall or additional trees need to be planted to reduce vehicle noise in our subdivision. Thanks for listening. Response:


Comment: 6. Will there be a glass sound wall over the City Park and University lakes? Response: Sound wall design comments have been received and will be considered as the project moves into the design stage. Presently, only the eastbound side of the City Park Lakes bridges qualifies for a federally funded noise wall. A […]

Tom Willis

Comment: I am opposed to the designed plan to create a College Drive overpass. The use of an elevated section and the relocation of the sound wall closer to the homes demonstrates a disregard to the sound impacts, the vibration impacts to the nearby homes, the air quality impacts, the drainage impacts on the back […]

Brian Bernard

Comment: I’m really concerned about pile driving for the bridge at Nairn Street and the sound wall between College and Acadian Drive. That’s it. Response: We do not yet know if there will be any pile driving on the project. DOTD has a policy for monitoring vibrations during pile driving with specific procedures for documenting […]

Jean Lowrey

Comment: 4. What is their plan to make this area walkable during construction? How can our tenants take advantage of the conveniences we offered them in the rental advertisements, such as WALKABLE to all areas of the Perkins Road overpass area? 5. What happens to our area of parking when construction worker’s have to park? […]

Mabyn Shingleton

Comment: We live in Jefferson Place/Bocage. Two thoughts: 1. Please do not further devalue subdivision properties by haphazardly placing a flyover that will impact us. The sound wall is already ridiculous… of very little help to the noise level. I’m sure the folks that are closer to the sound wall than we are appreciate it […]

Christy Kessler

Comment: I live in Stratford Place near the I-10/I-12 split. The trees along the I-10 corridor are essential to my enjoyment of my yard and home. Without those trees, the noise from the interstate will lower my property value, become a nuisance, and discourage my enjoyment of my yard. As plans are made to widen […]

Ernest Mencer

Comment: I would like to see plans to replace the trees to be removed as part of the I10/12 widening project; or plans to erect sound barrier walls to mitigate the increased noise that is likely to occur. Response: DOTD will be replacing trees in accordance with their Significant Tree policy and will replant where, […]

Floyd Roberts, MD

Comment: PLEASE make certain that an effective tree replanting plan is part of the planning for this work. In addition, the sound from I-10 is already very disruptive in our neighborhood near St Joseph’s Academy. Thank you for your attention. Response: DOTD will be replacing trees in accordance with their Significant Tree policy and will […]

Stephen St. Cyr

Comment: Below is the text of a comment sent to you by my wife. I wholeheartedly agree with her position. First, I applaud your presentation of a plan that will significantly reduce some of the traffic woes in the Baton Rouge corridor. However, I feel the project engineers and managers have skipped an important step […]

Sheryl Womack

Comment: Thank you for working on the traffic problem of Baton Rouge, however, I have several concerns regarding the flyover and my neighborhood, Jefferson Place/Bocage. The proposed flyover that boarders our neighborhood will increase noise from the I-10, may adversely impact drainage, may be visible from our neighborhood, and as a result may adversely impact […]

Kenneth Kleinpeter

Comment: My name is Kenny Kleinpeter. I am a homeowner at 7022 Richards Drive. I am writing to express concern about the flyover and it’s effect on my home and property. This letter is not meant to stifle growth of the community or hinder progress. It is a plea to strongly consider whatever means necessary […]