Topic: NOISE

Betty Baker Baldridge

Comment: I live in the Jefferson Place/Bocage neighborhood. It is so noisy in my backyard already. Now a flyover is being considered during new road construction. I can only imagine […]

Guy & Jeanne Barone

Comment: My wife is a life long resident (pre-dating the original I-10 construction) and I am a 28 year resident of Jefferson Place subdivision. We currently bear the noise and […]

Becca Behrnes

Comment: Sound walls: In my experience, these make sound worse for those of us who live away from them. I am skeptical of their benefit over the lakes, but also […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 37. Will there be a glass sound wall over the City Park and University Lakes? Response: Noise barrier design comments will be considered as the project moves into the […]

Salavadore Christina, Jr.

Comment: 12. Will sound barriers and other new technology be used in construction to reduce the noise from the interstate since widening the interstate will bring the cars closer to […]

James Coco

Comment: As a resident (Rhododendron Ave) in the areas affected by the widening project I propose the addition of sound walls along the interstate near the Perkins Rd overpass. With […]

Robert D. Huey

Comment: For the sake of myself as if I’m not bought out my home will be right next to the new right-of-way. A sound wall is needed for protect us […]

Julia McGuire

Comment: Regarding the Flyover of the I-10 project at the I-12 split, and as a resident on Richards Drive in Baton Rouge, I need to express my feelings about this […]