Kevin Bourgeois

Comment: We are concerned about continuing to live in our current location due to the project. The interstate is already very noisy and close to our property. We do not know how noisy the construction will be and if the completed project will be any quieter than it is now in spite of assurances that […]

Salavadore Christina, Jr.

Comment: 13. What properties will need to acquired by the state to complete this project? Response: Potential properties in the apparent required right-of-way will need to be acquired. The interactive map on can be used to determine potentially affected properties. DOTD’s Real Estate Division has contacted some property owners that may be directly affected.

Maria DiVincenti

Comment: After attending the meeting on Thursday August 30th, 2018, I felt my many questions were not given any definitive answers. The “Real Estate” area could not answer my questions but I was told that the “billboards” would be removed. If you look at our property an existing billboard is inside our gated community and […]

Robert D. Huey

Comment: I need to find out ASAP where the new right-of-way is going to fall. The house @2547 Honeysuckle Ave. It is slated to be torn down. Mine is right next door. 2533 Honeysuckle Ave.The state is telling me they need to buy some of my property. I need a real estate rep to come […]