Roy Kadair

Comment: We live at 7436 Richards Drive and already have to deal with interstate noise and the flyover from I-12 to I-10 and very much object to another flyover behind our subdivision. This would be very detrimental to our quality of life and our property value. Please note our objection to this project and strongly […]

Kenneth Kleinpeter

Comment: My name is Kenny Kleinpeter. I am a homeowner at 7022 Richards Drive. I am writing to express concern about the flyover and it’s effect on my home and property. This letter is not meant to stifle growth of the community or hinder progress. It is a plea to strongly consider whatever means necessary […]

Mary Steele

Comment: VERY CONCERNED THAT A HIGH BRIDGE WILL ONLY ADD TO THE NOISE LEVELS. AND IT MAY BE AN EYESORE FROM OUR VANTAGE POINT. Response: A noise study is being conducted for this project. Potential noise barrier locations have been presented to the public during the August public meetings and can be viewed on the […]