Topic: LANES

Coleman Brown & Anonymous

Comment: 41. Will carpools and vanpools have a priority line through or around during construction? 42. Why wouldn’t it be more practical to have police on motorcycles monitor any accidents […]

Salavadore Christina, Jr.

Comment: 14. What actions are being taken to ensure customers can still access the businesses in the Perkins Rd. area? Response: DOTD will maintain access to residences and businesses during […]

Pat Arbour

Comment: And YES, we do cross the Nairn I-19 overpass Bridge and then use the small bridge at the back of the BREC Park that leads to Ferret Street…. WHAT […]

Ronald Ray

Comment: Now, where else was I? In addition to my three lanes coming off the bridge consistently, the exit at the split, at the 12/10 split, 10 needs to be […]

Henry Sheffield

Comment: I live on a dead end street (Honeysuckle) that has only one way in and one way out. If they are going to expand in my direction, I will […]

Maria DiVincenti

Comment: There were no maps or drawings of where our members would be able to “walk, bike or park” during construction. Response: Thank you for your comments. Existing walking paths […]

Larry Rath

Comment: Having moved to University Gardens after the 2016 flood, I have observed that the I-10 Eastbound Acadian on-ramp lane is used as a cut-through for folks to get from […]

Davis Rhorer

Comment: On behalf of the Downtown Development District (DDD), I’d like to take this opportunity to comment on the above mentioned project, and submit the following items to be considered […]


Comment: 37. What will be the increase in time to get to my job at LSU from the medical district? 38. Increase in time from Southdown’s or from West Baton […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 7. Interstate 10 backs up to LA 415 Lobdell interchange every afternoon. How much further will it be backed up during construction? Response: The comment speaks to a future […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 45. Why do we not have an emergency crossover at the foot of the bridge near the Washington Street exit? 46. Why have other emergency crossover locations not been […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 14. I live on the east side and work on the west side. How will travel be impacted? Response: We can not speculate your travel time or which routes […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 3. How many lanes will 110 have and for how long? Response: If the question is relative to how many lanes will be open during construction, the answer is […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 4. How long will Interstate 110 be closed at the Baton Rouge side of the bridge? Response: Traffic Analysis shows that two lanes are required on I-10 Eastbound from […]