Leslie Gladney


I’m very concerned with noise, dust, dirt, security, vibrations from construction equipment and paving, increase in my allergies, loss of tranquility at my property, loss of property value, CONSTANT noise from “fly over” and extra lanes/vehicles. This are just a few issues. The sound wall has NOT prevented the noise and using my backyard is almost impossible. The dirt and dust created during the last 1-10 “improvement” wore me out and ruined my vacuum it was gross. Also the view is now going to be a ramp. Please figure out another solution.


The construction firm ultimately contracted to build the project will be responsible for developing and implementing a construction management plan including a stormwater management plan with best management practices to limit the release of pollutants, including dust from the job site. Vibration is typically associated with pile driving and it is unknown if there will be any pile driving as part of this project. DOTD has a policy for monitoring vibrations during pile driving with specific procedures for documenting adjacent structures before and after pile driving activities.  Generally, regular construction activities for roadways typically do not cause vibrations that rise to the level of property damage. In the event property owners feel they are experiencing damaging vibrations during construction, they can contact the Project Engineer and ask that it be investigated. The project team is evaluating the effect of the flyover ramp on the noise levels for the residences in the Jefferson Place and Bocage neighborhoods and whether the current noise barrier meets FHWA and DOTD Highway Noise Policy requirements.