Mary Donalson

Comment: What is the projected timeline for the other projects which are included in the multifaceted traffic solution? It seems unlikely that these projects will ever occur, and that the widening project is just the easiest one to push through. Noise Barriers: eliminate proposed sound walls over the City Park Lakes (or provide clear sound […]

Margot Addison

Comment: First, since it is acknowledged that this project will not solve the long term problem with traffic in BR, and that by the time all the construction is completed it will be time to start over, why not address the problem with a permanent long term solution. A new bridge that connects with a […]

Dorian Heroman, P.E.

Comment: Louisiana needs to be FAR-SEEING and not Band-aiding; There should be plans made to go to Grosse Tete and have 2 new roads implemented; South: connect the Sunshine Bridge to Grosse Tete to divert west bound trucks [and cars] to I-49 and I-10 west. North: connect to St. Francisville bridge and to I-55 to […]

Deborah Roe

Comment: 4. I am opposed to widening the interstate in this area. Enlarging a funnel but keeping the receptacle the same size does not eliminate overflow. Widening the interstate but funneling traffic onto the same size bridge only enlarges the congestion over a residential/historic/small business neighborhood vs. along an occupied interstate corridor between College and […]


Comment: I have been a resident of Baton Rouge since Fall of 1999 and I have lived in various places throughout the US, primarily South and Southeast for over 25 years. I have traveled the I-10 corridor for all of my life from as far east as it goes and as far west to West […]

Davis Rhorer

Comment: 3) Interstate Project Coordination Several I-10/I-110 projects are in the planning stage and should be coordinated and comprehensively analyzed to ensure the entire interstate system works effectively and efficiently. In addition, each of these interstate projects has a corresponding impact on the city street system and these impacts should be considered in conjunction. These […]

Stephanie Fontaine

Comment: Also, can something PLEASE be done about I-110! This stretch of intrastate in absolutely appalling from an aesthetic standpoint. Anyone travelling south on this roadway should be able to admire the view of our auspicious governor’s mansion and our towering state capital building. Instead we see disgusting LITTER filled roadways and WEEDS! Response: DOTD […]

Riley Berthelot

Comment: Please consider an alternative route for freight during construction, like Hwy 190 Response: Alternative routes during construction will be developed in a Draft Transportation/Traffic Management Plan (TMP), which will be complete in mid-2019.

Sarah Harrison

Comment: To whom it may concern. First of all we should be building a loop instead of widening I-10 but seems like the decision has been made, so please please PLEASE can we try to spare as many mature trees as possible? Our gorgeous trees add to our city’s overall appeal and clean our air […]

Tim Harris

Comment: And what I couldn’t even think about and I kept waiting and kept waiting and they never talked about, the bridge that was existing that they built from nowhere to nowhere again, New Roads to St. Francisville, on another road coming straight from Alexandria. If you draw a line, as the crow flies, it’s […]

Laura Marvin

Comment: I have listened to your video….if you would like for people who live & work here in Baton Rouge to be able to get to work & around the city then you need to have alternative routes not just ONE route that was a poor poor design to begin with…..if you keep funneling traffic […]

Patrick Mascarella

Comment: First comment, I think that doing this project with the widening costing $360,000,000 is a waste of money and a waste of time. First reason, in about two or three years after completion, it will be just as congested. It’ll be just as bad as it is now, different way, different manner, but the […]

Dianna Odom

Comment: As an architect who has studied urban design, I do not understand why the proponents of this plan think that funneling 4 lanes of traffic into 2 lanes of traffic is better than funneling 3 lanes of traffic into 2 lanes of traffic across the bridge. The bridge is the problem here and until […]


Comment: 20. Will median openings be closed on alternate routes during construction? Response: A full Transportation Management plan will be performed prior to construction of the project to help facilitate traffic and determine any mitigating projects that need to be completed.