Doug Moore

Comment: Why are there no pedestrian accommodations on College Drive where it crosses under the interstate? Response: Modifications to College Drive are not within the scope of work carried forward from the Feasibility Study.

James Varnado

Comment: I’m addressing the College I-10 east departure ramp that will be running into a bottleneck on the College side. And the green space that feeds into College should be reduced to help alleviate that, okay? Because I notice that the construction stops with the two lanes, but it doesn’t carry on into the lights, […]

Tom Willis

Comment: I am opposed to the designed plan to create a College Drive overpass. The use of an elevated section and the relocation of the sound wall closer to the homes demonstrates a disregard to the sound impacts, the vibration impacts to the nearby homes, the air quality impacts, the drainage impacts on the back […]

Michael Frenzel

Comment: Now about this project ‐ two areas. One. I live in the Jefferson Place ‐ Bocage sub‐division, and attended the public meeting held on August 29, 2018. As I understand it, the stated need for the I‐10 Westbound flyover near the I‐10/I‐12 merge, is to eliminate the need for those on I‐10 westbound to […]

Devin Lance Graham

Comment: Completely remove the access to Washington St. Use the deceleration lane off the bridge as designed to stay elevated and exit at Dalrymple. Remove the Washington Street entry as well. Save the funds and move any traffic to Dalrymple as the access point. Response: Traffic Analysis shows that consolidated Washington Street/Dalrymple Drive Interchange will […]

Bob Wertz

Comment: Three suggestions: One, I would start with the College Drive eastbound widening. I would start there and work into town as the, one of the first projects. The reason for that is — let’s say from the down ramp to College to the split, that would make that section four, four lanes wide, and […]

Guy & Jeanne Barone

Comment: FLYOVER: Will the flyover be visible from our property and/or property owners in our neighborhood? If the flyover is visible, we request some form of sight barrier to prevent a view of the flyover and at a minimum the lights from vehicles utilizing the flyover. Response: Some residences in the Jefferson Place nieghborhood will […]

Bond Lux

Comment: The proposed College Drive exit for I-10/I-12 is fundamentally a good idea however the proposed design is making motorists commit to that exit for approximately 1 mile. The problem is that it appears the project is not addressing the underlying traffic hairball called College Drive. There is no bail-out opportunity for motorists. The inevitable […]

Pat Arbour

Comment: Please consider the problems along College Drive. Sidewalks and NO bike infrastructure. …. We folks on bikes take the back streets , as much as possible but getting thru the College drive area on College * from Bawell South to the Walmart area is best. Response: Thank you for your comments. The bike […]

Deborah Fuller

Comment: How about we consider the ramps at college? Response: Thank you for your comment. We are considering modification of the westbound exit lanes.

Devin Lance Graham

Comment: Use the frontage road as the access ramp and reduce the amount of traffic lights on College. The two back to back lights can be replaced by a large traffic circle. At the end of the Frontage Road, access the Interstate. Use the funds saved on materials on Interstate at ramp to improve Frontage […]

Cody Matherne

Comment: Over the years of living and driving around Baton Rouge, what I have come to notice is where the traffic usually begins is at on ramps. This seems to be because people typically have a fear of or have never learned to merge into lanes of traffic. This is especially the issue at the […]

Ronald Ray

Comment: Now, there’s one other thing. I’m not through yet, but let me think a minute. Okay. This is my issue Number 2: Is there any way possible to, please, get a right-hand entrance ramp off College Drive westbound instead of having to turn left on the loop-de-loop? I still want to leave that entrance […]

James Varnado

Comment: Also, on that service road that you, that you are building, you should also make provisions for exits to streets prior to College Drive. Because that would allow some of the traffic to be dispersed because a lot of people want to go right to Corporate. And if you made exits, a couple of […]