Brian Bernard

Comment: I’m really concerned about pile driving for the bridge at Nairn Street and the sound wall between College and Acadian Drive. That’s it. Response: We do not yet know if there will be any pile driving on the project. DOTD has a policy for monitoring vibrations during pile driving with specific procedures for documenting […]

Jean Lowrey

Comment: 4. What is their plan to make this area walkable during construction? How can our tenants take advantage of the conveniences we offered them in the rental advertisements, such as WALKABLE to all areas of the Perkins Road overpass area? 5. What happens to our area of parking when construction worker’s have to park? […]

Jean Lowrey

Comment: 2. Will the movement of the new Interstate columns add to our noise factor and what will be done about construction noise? How much more noise can these tenants take? It is already pretty bad. Will you be building any noise baffles or such to reduce the noise? Response: DOTD is required to investigate […]

Margot Addison

Comment: The main detrimental effect of widening is to the Perkins Rd area. Prolonged construction can have a serious effect on businesses in close proximity. This is a thriving area that could suffer greatly with the plans at hand , and should be protected. I have seen many areas where almost all the businesses failed […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 2. What are the impacts on our community? Response: The Environmental Assessment will consider impacts associated with the construction and operation of the project.

Coleman Brown

Comment: 22. When will I know if my business will be affected? Response: The existing apparent proposed right-of-way shows businesses that will be directly affected by the widening. Other business impacts, such as access during construction, will be worked out during the design stage.

Deborah Roe

Comment: 7. DOTD needs to give us assurances that heavy equipment will not be traveled down the residential nearby areas of Perkins Rd. What are the plans for the movement of heavy equipment and man power through this historic area populated with two lane roads? Response: During the final design and construction administration, DOTD will […]

Kenri Avery

Comment: Okay. I was reading over the GPS system, computer help over there, and it appears that our location at 1358 is out of the way of construction. But the major concern is the traffic pattern. There is a straight direct drive in the middle of the traffic zone, or the construction zone, that may […]

Riley Berthelot

Comment: Please consider an alternative route for freight during construction, like Hwy 190 Response: Alternative routes during construction will be developed in a Draft Transportation/Traffic Management Plan (TMP), which will be complete in mid-2019.

Donna Roppolo

Comment: Construction questions: 1. When do you anticipate expansion to begin on the interstate alongside of Estates Road? 2. What is the projected duration of construction for this phase, which includes I-10 expansion alongside Estates Road? 3. Will construction take place all day and all night alongside Estates Road? I am self-employed and work from […]

Jean Lowrey

Comment: I’m in Building 2 of the Hollydale condos. I am worried about all tenants being inconvenienced during construction. Any amount of common area taken from our space will affect all who are living there. Response: DOTD will maintain access for residences during construction.