Coleman Brown

Comment: 35. Will there be any changes on the ground local road network as a result of the Terrace Street exit? Response: While not part of this project, the new Terrace Street exit may result in modifications at Terrace and Braddock, relative to whether a roundabout is constructed at that location.

Stephen Gilbeau

Comment: Is it at all possible to create a center turn lane on Perkins road? Pretty much just from the spot where Perkins becomes two lanes up to the base of the Overpass. People turning left off of Perkins in that small section of Perkins, myself included, create much of the traffic/backups on Perkins Road […]

Margot Addison

Comment: Roundabouts, contrary to your handout, do take more pavement and resources (and are non pervious surfaces that cause water problems), and can end up taking more time than traffic lights. I got stuck exiting i12 in Hammond at the roundabout. I wanted to turn to the left. The roundabout is 2 lanes and small […]