Hays Boyle

Comment: 5. Increase traffic thru our city leading to increased delays caused by accidents, etc., as well as increased use of public resources such as EMS/Fire/Police when these accidents occur. Diverting the non local traffic via a loop or making one lane of our interstate an HOV lane during high traffic hours to encourage carpooling […]

Dawn Harris

Comment: The impact to business and the community of widening this major corridor cannot be overestimated! The daily travel time, the accidents, the lost work time due to the excessive travel time in and out of the city all add up to costs for business and a less desirable community to live in.Trying to hire […]

Deborah Roe

Comment: 3. INTERSTATE EXCHANGES WILL INDEED ALLEVIATE CONGESTION BUT THEN YOU BUILD CONGESTION BACK IN WHEN YOU WIDEN THE INTERSTATE. THE TWO WORK AT CROSS PURPOSES. Response: Thank you for your comment. Traffic studies are incomplete at this time, but demonstrate that this project is needed in concert with other projects in order to fully […]