Jean Lowrey

Comment: 6. Is there an estimated construction start time and completion date? Very important to know to allay the fears of the tenants who might want to relocate at the […]

Davis Rhorer

Comment: 5) Neighborhood and Street Impact Any closures or separation of neighborhood streets proposed in this project should be studied and minimized. The closure and/or separation of neighborhood streets has […]

Joshua Joseph, Jr.

Comment: Great concern for our property use and value due to this project. Response: Thank you for your comment.

Jean Lowrey

Comment: 3. What reflection will this project have on our property value? I am concerned that my tenants might want to move out now that there is supposedly going to […]

NeCole Pinsonat

Comment: I am very on concerned. The interstate is already on top of us… looks like the want to move it closer. The noise will be unbearable. I have lost […]

Larry Pitchard

Comment: Concern about older homes sitting within 100 yards from interstate which are affected by vibration causing structure damage Response: We do not yet know if there will be any […]

Southside Civic Association and Carol Ann Brown

Comment: 13. What properties will need to be acquired by the state to complete this project? Response: Potential properties in the apparent required right-of-way will need to be acquired. The […]

Jean Lowrey

Comment: I’m in Building 2 of the Hollydale condos. I am worried about all tenants being inconvenienced during construction. Any amount of common area taken from our space will affect […]

Kacee Albano

Comment: There is NOT enough information regarding what will happen to/how our property will be affected. My tenants are asking lots of questions and you haven’t given us the answers […]

Sandra Ribes

Comment: I own unit 4E in 2293 Hollydale It is in line with the ad post you are taking down. Are you telling me you have to take down the […]