Trish Lowrey

Comment: After attending the public hearing on August 30, 2018, I am even more concerned about the removal of green space buffers and trees, particularly for the proposed College Drive exit flyover. There was very little detail given about the flyover exit, such as the plans to address drainage issues, and plans for what will […]

Guy & Jeanne Barone

Comment: DRAINAGE: Will any adverse drainage issues be created as a result of the expansion and what will be done to alleviate related problems for our property? Response: Drainage patterns in this area will be similar as they are after construction of this project. Any potential drainage issues in this area and proper drainage design […]

Southside Civic Association and Carol Ann Brown

Comment: 6. Improvements to the Perkins Rd-S. Acadian Intersection and underpass. If the Perkins Rd entrance and exits ramps are removed, that will increase the use of S. Acadian entrance and exit ramps. In order to access the ramps, you have to go under the train tracks and this passage always floods. Every time it […]