Michael Frenzel

Comment: I support the Expressway Park to Dalrymple initiative. I also strongly support the ‘softening’ of the I‐10 bridge as it crosses over the City Park Lake. While this project (State Project No. H.004100.2) may be needed, Baton Rouge also needs BOTH a North and South loop around Baton Rouge. Had we built true bypasses […]

Pat Arbour

Comment: PLEASE keep the bike/pedestrian design elements included thus far. These items have a way of vanishing from the “plans” and are an essential safety feature. THANK YOU. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Eric Dexter

Comment: Please keep the bike/pedestrian design element you currently have included. Also, please add bike/pedestrian elements that have been omitted, such as a sidewalk along the east side of S. Acadian and along College Dr. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Davis Rhorer

Comment: 4) Braddock Complete Street Proposal The LADOTD proposed complete street improvements on Braddock Street connecting Expressway Park to Dalrymple Drive provide citizens a safe route to travel as a pedestrian or on a bicycle and should be implemented as part of this project. Expressway Park is a component of the overall Downtown Greenway, a […]