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Coleman Brown

Comment: 48. Why are about 20 percent of the lights on the interstate not working? Response: The City-Parish of East Baton Rouge has a maintenance contract with Entergy for the […]


Comment: 8. How many columns are in need of repair and replacement at the present time? Response: 8. The majority of the elevated segments are scheduled to be replaced. However, […]

Doug Moore

Comment: Why are there no pedestrian accommodations on College Drive where it crosses under the interstate? Response: Modifications to College Drive are not within the scope of work carried forward […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 24-31. How long will the following interchanges be closed during construction: College Drive, Acadian Thruway, Perkins Road, Dalrymple Drive, Washington Street, new Terrace Street exit, Nairn Street bridge? Response: […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 48. Why are about 20 percent 0f the lights on the interstate not working? Response: 48 – DOTD maintenance personnel routinely replace non-functional lighting; it is possible that multiple […]

James Varnado

Comment: I’m addressing the College I-10 east departure ramp that will be running into a bottleneck on the College side. And the green space that feeds into College should be […]

Thomas Bryan

Comment: I understand the Perkins road exit has to be demolished to add the additional eastbound lane, BUT why can’t the exit be redone in the same place afterwards since […]

Kenri Avery

Comment: Concerned with how Washington St. exit will impact the community. Will this improvement create a more congestive issue for South Blvd., Terrace and 13th/Eddie Robinson? Response: DOTD has not […]


Comment: 50. How much money has been spent on Surveys so far? Response: 50 – The current on-going survey of the I-10BR corridor is approximately $6.8M.

Donna Roppolo

Comment: I was told at one of the focus group meetings that requirements were necessary to meet for a sound wall. And studies would extend through past the environmental phase. […]

Coleman Brown & Anonymous

Comment: 41. Will carpools and vanpools have a priority line through or around during construction? 42. Why wouldn’t it be more practical to have police on motorcycles monitor any accidents […]

Trish Lowrey

Comment: After attending the public hearing on August 30, 2018, I am even more concerned about the removal of green space buffers and trees, particularly for the proposed College Drive […]

Donna Roppolo

Comment: 23. And what about hazards to our health due to the noise after construction if the sound wall is added at a later date? 24. What kind of hazards […]

Alan Karr

Comment: I was very impressed with the presentation and the maps. I like the overall approach to the project. I do wonder why the Nicholson/Highland exit doesn’t include Washington Street […]