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Coleman Brown

Comment: 48. Why are about 20 percent of the lights on the interstate not working? Response: The City-Parish of East Baton Rouge has a maintenance contract with Entergy for the lights.


Comment: 8. How many columns are in need of repair and replacement at the present time? Response: 8. The majority of the elevated segments are scheduled to be replaced. However, there are approximately 200 columns  slated to remain. For those cases the goal would be to remove the accumulated debris, power wash them and provide […]

Doug Moore

Comment: Why are there no pedestrian accommodations on College Drive where it crosses under the interstate? Response: Modifications to College Drive are not within the scope of work carried forward from the Feasibility Study.

Coleman Brown

Comment: 24-31. How long will the following interchanges be closed during construction: College Drive, Acadian Thruway, Perkins Road, Dalrymple Drive, Washington Street, new Terrace Street exit, Nairn Street bridge? Response: Portions of each interchange will need to be closed during various phases of the construction process. The exact times for closure of specific entrance and […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 48. Why are about 20 percent 0f the lights on the interstate not working? Response: 48 – DOTD maintenance personnel routinely replace non-functional lighting; it is possible that multiple bulb failures occur at the same time.

James Varnado

Comment: I’m addressing the College I-10 east departure ramp that will be running into a bottleneck on the College side. And the green space that feeds into College should be reduced to help alleviate that, okay? Because I notice that the construction stops with the two lanes, but it doesn’t carry on into the lights, […]

Thomas Bryan

Comment: I understand the Perkins road exit has to be demolished to add the additional eastbound lane, BUT why can’t the exit be redone in the same place afterwards since the area already exists? Thanks Response: The ramps for Perkins Road and Acadian Throughway do not currently meet recommended interchange spacing distance as defined by […]

Kenri Avery

Comment: Concerned with how Washington St. exit will impact the community. Will this improvement create a more congestive issue for South Blvd., Terrace and 13th/Eddie Robinson? Response: DOTD has not studied the impacts of increased traffic on other areas.


Comment: 50. How much money has been spent on Surveys so far? Response: 50 – The current on-going survey of the I-10BR corridor is approximately $6.8M.

Donna Roppolo

Comment: I was told at one of the focus group meetings that requirements were necessary to meet for a sound wall. And studies would extend through past the environmental phase. At the public meeting, we were told that federal funding was approved for a sound wall along Estates Road. Does this mean that we have […]

Coleman Brown & Anonymous

Comment: 41. Will carpools and vanpools have a priority line through or around during construction? 42. Why wouldn’t it be more practical to have police on motorcycles monitor any accidents and assist with moving vehicles to the side of the road 43. Why do we not fine people like Florida does if they run out […]

Doug Walsh

Comment: Priority should be given to correcting the Washington Street Exit, as it requires a single lane crossing the bridge. This is the MAJOR cause for traffic jams. What are the traffic counts per day using the Washington Street Exit? Response: Thank you for your comment. When completed, the traffic study for this project will […]

Steven Turner

Comment: I would like to see a double lane entrance to the bridge from LA 1 all the way to the trusses of the Mississippi River bridge. Response: Thank you for your comment. This alternative concept will be reviewed, if its has merit, any resulting design changes will be shown during the public hearing.

Devin Lance Graham

Comment: Completely remove the access to Washington St. Use the deceleration lane off the bridge as designed to stay elevated and exit at Dalrymple. Remove the Washington Street entry as well. Save the funds and move any traffic to Dalrymple as the access point. Response: Traffic Analysis shows that consolidated Washington Street/Dalrymple Drive Interchange will […]