Topic: NOISE

Robin Marschall

Comment: I support noise barriers and feel they are important for neighborhoods bordering the Interstate project. I would hope that consideration would also be given to not raising any billboards […]

Roy Kadair

Comment: We live at 7436 Richards Drive and already have to deal with interstate noise and the flyover from I-12 to I-10 and very much object to another flyover behind […]

Dwayne Blanc

Comment: I am a resident of Jefferson Place/Bocage and am extremely concerned about the proposed elevated flyover that I feel certain will impact the interstate noise level in my neighborhood. […]


Comment: Please put concrete wall on Eugene that will protect the people living on Rhododendron. Thank you! Response: The project team has analyzed the effect of a noise barrier along […]

Kevin Bourgeois

Comment: Noise reduction: It was state that the new construction would be concrete instead of the steel and concrete currently in place on the raised portions of the interstate. Will […]

Hays Boyle

Comment: 2. Create months, to years, of increased dust and noise during construction; Response: DOTD has specifications that the contractor must adhere to during construction to minimize issues, including mufflers […]

Michele & John Cancienne

Comment: I am a resident of Jefferson Place. I am writing this note in opposition of no action to address additional road noise as a result of the fly over […]

Zoe’ Howard

Comment: We would like to see the barrier walls extend from the Mississippi Bridge to the curve on East Boulevard. Increased traffic means increased noise. Response: DOTD is required to […]

Jeffrey Kadair

Comment: I am concerned about the noise pollution from the proposed College Dr. flyover. What plans are made for noise abatement to the surrounding neighborhoods? What is the positive impact […]

Trish Lowrey

Comment: After attending the public hearing on August 30, 2018, I am even more concerned about the removal of green space buffers and trees, particularly for the proposed College Drive […]

Deborah Roe

Comment: 6. Sound barriers over the lakes are not only not necessary but hide Baton Rouge’s greatest scenery. When sound barriers were asked for the area around the overpass, the […]

Southside Civic Association and Carol Ann Brown

Comment: 12. Will sound barriers and other new technology be used in construction to reduce the noise from the interstate since widening the interstate will bring the cars closer to […]

Donna St. Cyr

Comment: First, I applaud your presentation of a plan that will significantly reduce some of the traffic woes in the Baton Rouge corridor. However, I feel the project engineers and […]

Shawna Wiggle

Comment: Primary concern is the sound barrier, it will be impossible to use our backyard. Response: Noise barriers will be located on top of structure where they are proposed along […]