Becca Behrnes

Comment: Roundabouts: We need more of them in Baton Rouge. The Dalrymple redesign is not ideal, especially for me personally. A roundabout at Washington Street will at least keep me moving after I have to exit at Terrace. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Anthony Summers

Comment: The roundabouts near Dalrymple near the Knock Knock Museum is a great idea. Traffic would flow much better than with traffic lights. Response: Thank you for your comment.

Margot Addison

Comment: Roundabouts, contrary to your handout, do take more pavement and resources (and are non pervious surfaces that cause water problems), and can end up taking more time than traffic lights. I got stuck exiting i12 in Hammond at the roundabout. I wanted to turn to the left. The roundabout is 2 lanes and small […]

Earl Marcelle

Comment: My name is Earl Marcelle and I’m one of the property owners of the property at 1026 East Washington Street. If they do the roundabout option, it will take the property completely. I am opposed to that option and I prefer the option with the signals. And it’ll still have the turnaround. Even though […]