Brian Bernard


I’m really concerned about pile driving for the bridge at Nairn Street and the sound wall between College and Acadian Drive. That’s it.


We do not yet know if there will be any pile driving on the project. DOTD has a policy for monitoring vibrations during pile driving with specific procedures for documenting adjacent structures before and after pile driving activities.  Generally, regular construction activities for roadways typically do not cause vibrations that rise to the level of property damage. In the event property owners feel they are experiencing damaging vibrations during construction, they can contact the Project Engineer and ask that it be investigated. A “Vibration Complaint Form” is available to the property owner(s) for such occurrences and can be obtained via the office of the Project Engineer as necessary. Relative to the noise walls between Acadian and College, all barriers moved as necessary for this project will be replaced with structures of the same height and length as presently exist.