Jean Lowrey


4. What is their plan to make this area walkable during construction? How can our tenants take advantage of the conveniences we offered them in the rental advertisements, such as WALKABLE to all areas of the Perkins Road overpass area?
5. What happens to our area of parking when construction worker’s have to park?
Where are these construction workers going to park their own cars? Where is all of the equipment going to be housed?


4- The area to be vacated by the Perkins Road ramps removal is being considered for community connectivity enhancements. Walkability should improve with the enhancements under consideration. During construction, walking within construction area may be limited or prohibited. 5- For businesses/residences utlitizing parking under I-10 that may be affected, DOTD is committed to locating temporary parking during construction. Equipment laydown areas are proposed to be within existing rights-of-way to the extent possible. Construction servitudes are shown on the roll maps from the public meetings and can be viewed at www.i10br.com.