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Mary Cullen

Comment: A way to walk or bike for the homeowners in the Hundred Oaks area to the historic shopping area on the other side of 1-10 would be a great SAFE way for them to get there. Presently, there is no safe way for bikers or strollers. And, personally, that bridge over the train has […]

Carly Dartez

Comment: The recommended bicycle connection between Mid-City’s designated bike lanes with the pedestrian friendly Historic Overpass Area is currently an orange rated route that takes cyclists under the Perkins Road Overpass into a muddy, unlit gulch. The widening of I-10 is our community’s opportunity to create a designated crossing wide enough for bicycles and double-wide […]

Briauna Reichert

Comment: The current recommended bike connection between Mid-City and the overpass area takes cyclists under the overpass and is muddy and not well lit. We need a designated crossing wide enough for bicyclists or strollers. A pedestrian bridge could be built from the Rhododendron Avenue intersection over the train tracks and under the interstate. The […]

Southside Civic Association and Carol Ann Brown

Comment: 3. Ensuring the area under the new bridge would have connectivity with the businesses in the form of walking/bike paths. Response: The project team is actively working on enhancements for the Perkins Road area and will consider the recommendations provided.

Maria DiVincenti

Comment: I am President of the Hollydale Homeowner’s Association for 36 individually owned Condominiums located at 2293 Hollydale Avenue. We will be strongly impacted by the widening of I-10. I don’t understand why the state would want to disrupt a city’s model urban area? Perkins Road Overpass is unique and works so well. Suspect is […]

Kellie George

Comment: My main concern is the impact to the Perkins Road overpass area. I would NOT support any measure that would have a negative impact on such an iconic part of Baton Rouge. Response: Thank you for you comment. Enhancements are being conceptually designed to improve the Perkins Road ramp area.

Lucas J. Denson

Comment: Also, I would’ve liked to have seen more information on how the construction of these new elevated lanes will affect local roads and business. The area underneath I-10 where Perkins goes beneath it are a treasure trove of local businesses. I was disappointed to learn that many of those businesses were going to be […]

Salavadore Christina, Jr.

Comment: 14. What actions are being taken to ensure customers can still access the businesses in the Perkins Rd. area? Response: DOTD will maintain access to residences and businesses during construction, but there may be times when access is temporarily unavailable. The specifics of construction access methods will be developed during the design stage.

Lauren Jumonville

Comment: Maintain character of Perkins Road Overpass. Create sense of place. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Becca Behrnes

Comment: Perkins Road Overpass: the “opportunity areas” need to be improvements that benefit people and residents of the area. Do not sell off these areas to the highest bidding developer who only wants to exploit the character of our neighborhood. Give it to BREC! Response: Thank you for your comments.

Leif Remo

Comment: I attended the Aug 28 meeting but haven’t yet submitted feedback. My overall feedback for this I-10 project is this: dismantle the interstate highway within Baton Rouge city limits and replace much of it with a boulevard. This is in line with the forward-thinking movement to remove urban freeways, as they are now known […]

Robert Sherman

Comment: This project does not address the problem. We need alternate routes! A loop, another MS River bridge and/or better surface streets! Response: Data-driven analysis conducted in 2015 by the industry-led CRISIS group, ranked the widening of I-10 as the single most important project, and the one that would deliver the most bang for the […]

Margot Addison

Comment: First, since it is acknowledged that this project will not solve the long term problem with traffic in BR, and that by the time all the construction is completed it will be time to start over, why not address the problem with a permanent long term solution. A new bridge that connects with a […]

Dorian Heroman, P.E.

Comment: Louisiana needs to be FAR-SEEING and not Band-aiding; There should be plans made to go to Grosse Tete and have 2 new roads implemented; South: connect the Sunshine Bridge to Grosse Tete to divert west bound trucks [and cars] to I-49 and I-10 west. North: connect to St. Francisville bridge and to I-55 to […]