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Chase Rainey

Comment: I am in support of the I-10 Widening Project to help with traffic congestion. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Ronald Ray

Comment: Ronald Ray. You want my address? 10771 Misty Hollow, Baton Rouge, 70810. I was reviewing the Baton Rouge interstate widening plans and a lot of it is very, very good, and I think it will be very beneficial, but I do have a couple of comments. One main comment is that the three lanes […]

Johnathan Scroggins

Comment: The Baton Rouge area, State and Local governments need to continue to identify ways to address the traffic issues our area faces. The present flow of traffic and lack of options are barriers to continued industrial (any by default with the indirect impacts – our community) growth. CRISIS and forward looking people have been […]

Brittaney Spruill

Comment: I fully support the widening project. As a resident of the Mid City area, I look forward to the reconfiguration of the exits, particularly the addition of the Terrace exit and the changes to Washington and Dalrymple. The flyover to College is also a convenient addition for us, as we live off that exit. […]

Scott Kirkpatrick

Comment: I am writing on behalf of the Capital Region Industry for Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions (CRISIS). Representing many of the major companies in the Capital Region, CRISIS undertook a data-driven analysis several years ago to identify the most effective major projects in the region. The I-10 widening was at the top of the list. The […]

Adam Knapp

Comment: To the attention of US DOT, FHA, and LA-DOTD: The Baton Rouge Area Chamber – serving as the regional economic development organization for a nine parish region with a population of 850,000, and representing 1,500 investor businesses throughout the capital region – strongly supports this project as a signature urban infrastructure redevelopment. The widening […]

Jack Lynch

Comment: The flyover will pass along side Richards Drive in my subdivision, Jefferson Place. The section of Richards Drive where I live is susceptible to flooding already. Richards Drive regularly fills up with water during heavy rains, and that water rises up into the yards near our houses. Some houses on this street have already […]

Mary Donalson

Comment: What efforts are being made to prevent runoff from the construction from running into the adjacent Lakes and/or bayous? Bird Refuge concerns? Air and/or water monitoring? I-10 Typical Comments: At elevated portions of the project, existing steel spans should be replaced with reinforced concrete in order to reduce “roar”. Sound barriers should be included […]

Georgann Mire

Comment: Hello ‐ I live in University Gardens. Can you send me information about how the expansion will effect drainage and walkability for my neighborhood? Thanks Response: Drainage patterns in this area will be similar as they are after construction of this project. Any potential drainage issues in this area and proper drainage design for […]

Guy & Jeanne Barone

Comment: DRAINAGE: Will any adverse drainage issues be created as a result of the expansion and what will be done to alleviate related problems for our property? Response: Drainage patterns in this area will be similar as they are after construction of this project. Any potential drainage issues in this area and proper drainage design […]


Comment: The improvements to the I-10 from Port Allen to Essen is a good start. Though much is needed in terms of infrastructure improvements in Baton Rouge, this start paves the way to “seeing” results the community has longed for with the use of tax dollars. As a commuter in the daily hustle-and-bustle of the […]

Joseph Ballard

Comment: I am in favor of the project. Traffic congestion is adversely affecting our economic growth and our quality of life. Please move forward as quickly as possible. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Becca Behrnes

Comment: Theses are mostly great ideas and needed improvements. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Michael Bellchambers

Comment: The I-10 widening project is extremely vital for the future travel patterns of commercial traffic. Not only does the intra-state traffic need less congestion, the tractor trailer movement along I-10 provides a lot of fuel and retail sales, and tax dollars. Atlanta and east coast traffic (non Florida) needs relief through Baton Rouge and […]