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Chase Rainey

Comment: I am in support of the I-10 Widening Project to help with traffic congestion. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Ronald Ray

Comment: Ronald Ray. You want my address? 10771 Misty Hollow, Baton Rouge, 70810. I was reviewing the Baton Rouge interstate widening plans and a lot of it is very, very […]

Johnathan Scroggins

Comment: The Baton Rouge area, State and Local governments need to continue to identify ways to address the traffic issues our area faces. The present flow of traffic and lack […]

Brittaney Spruill

Comment: I fully support the widening project. As a resident of the Mid City area, I look forward to the reconfiguration of the exits, particularly the addition of the Terrace […]

Scott Kirkpatrick

Comment: I am writing on behalf of the Capital Region Industry for Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions (CRISIS). Representing many of the major companies in the Capital Region, CRISIS undertook a data-driven […]

Adam Knapp

Comment: To the attention of US DOT, FHA, and LA-DOTD: The Baton Rouge Area Chamber – serving as the regional economic development organization for a nine parish region with a […]

Jack Lynch

Comment: The flyover will pass along side Richards Drive in my subdivision, Jefferson Place. The section of Richards Drive where I live is susceptible to flooding already. Richards Drive regularly […]

Mary Donalson

Comment: What efforts are being made to prevent runoff from the construction from running into the adjacent Lakes and/or bayous? Bird Refuge concerns? Air and/or water monitoring? I-10 Typical Comments: […]

Georgann Mire

Comment: Hello ‐ I live in University Gardens. Can you send me information about how the expansion will effect drainage and walkability for my neighborhood? Thanks Response: Drainage patterns in […]

Guy & Jeanne Barone

Comment: DRAINAGE: Will any adverse drainage issues be created as a result of the expansion and what will be done to alleviate related problems for our property? Response: Drainage patterns […]


Comment: The improvements to the I-10 from Port Allen to Essen is a good start. Though much is needed in terms of infrastructure improvements in Baton Rouge, this start paves […]

Joseph Ballard

Comment: I am in favor of the project. Traffic congestion is adversely affecting our economic growth and our quality of life. Please move forward as quickly as possible. Response: Thank […]

Becca Behrnes

Comment: Theses are mostly great ideas and needed improvements. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Michael Bellchambers

Comment: The I-10 widening project is extremely vital for the future travel patterns of commercial traffic. Not only does the intra-state traffic need less congestion, the tractor trailer movement along […]