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Coleman Brown

Comment: 18. Isn’t there supposed to be a traffic management plan? If so, is it available now? If not, when will it be complete? Response: A traffic management plan will be developed when geometry is approved and the traffic study is completed. The traffic management plan will be posted to the project website when it […]

Tim Harris

Comment: Tim Harris, 65 years old. I think I drove across that bridge before it was completed on a bicycle. And it’s still a subject of the matter. One lane. Only place from California in the United States all the way to the east coast. We got it. We are number one in something. The […]

Ronald Ray

Comment: Now, where else was I? In addition to my three lanes coming off the bridge consistently, the exit at the split, at the 12/10 split, 10 needs to be maintained at three lanes there also. 12 does too, because it’s got plenty of traffic. But I’m kind of concentrating on 10. They both need […]

Henry Sheffield

Comment: I live on a dead end street (Honeysuckle) that has only one way in and one way out. If they are going to expand in my direction, I will potentially have no entrance or egress while they have to relocate the lower end of Eugene—This is unacceptable as I have a heart condition and […]

Maria DiVincenti

Comment: There were no maps or drawings of where our members would be able to “walk, bike or park” during construction. Response: Thank you for your comments. Existing walking paths may see detours, and could be temporarily closed for safety when construction may be occurring overhead. DOTD will transmit construction information through the project website, […]

Larry Rath

Comment: Having moved to University Gardens after the 2016 flood, I have observed that the I-10 Eastbound Acadian on-ramp lane is used as a cut-through for folks to get from Acadian to College drive. Thus, we have folks only driving 40 mph to cut over to College which results in people entering I-10 eastbound traffic […]

Davis Rhorer

Comment: On behalf of the Downtown Development District (DDD), I’d like to take this opportunity to comment on the above mentioned project, and submit the following items to be considered as part of the design and planning process. 1) Downtown Access & Signage As downtown welcomes over 140,000 daily visitors, the interstate widening should prioritize […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 7. Interstate 10 backs up to LA 415 Lobdell interchange every afternoon. How much further will it be backed up during construction? Response: The comment speaks to a future condition that cannot be accurately addressed, other than maintaining three lanes of traffic will be the most effective method of reducing congestion during construction. Lane […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 14. I live on the east side and work on the west side. How will travel be impacted? Response: We can not speculate your travel time or which routes you presently use. Travel delays are anticipated during construction. Three travel lanes are proposed to be open and flowing during daylight hours, which should minimize […]

Donna Roppolo

Comment: 9. During the 18 years, safety has been an issue: cars driving off the interstate and hitting one of our homes; crashing through the chain link fence, which the pine trees have sometimes stopped vehicles or trailers from further damages; criminal activity when police stop suspects and they are able to run through and […]

Jackson Hurst

Comment: Hi I would like to be added to the mailing list for the I-10 BR LA 415 to Essen Project. My mailing address is 4216 Cornell Crossing, Kennesaw, Georgia, 30144. Response: You have been added to the mailing list for this project.


Comment: 2. We don’t understand how long construction will take? Some reports are five years, some are seven years. Where is the schedule? What is the real cost of the project if $350M is ONLY the first phase listed on your website? Response: DOTD is working on construction sequencing. The majority of the work east […]

Southside Civic Association and Carol Ann Brown

Comment: 15. Are studies being done as to how this expansion may affect Baton Rouge’s Air Quality? Response: An air quality study is being conducted for this project. Results of the study will be included in the Environmental Assessment.

Kathy Stiles

Comment: Bridge near Concord Estates is damaged Response: Thank you for providing this information. DOTD has been made aware of the situation.