Juliette Hynes


I attended the public meeting about the I 10 project on Aug 28. The meeting showed an impressive amount of thought, and effort being placed on this important project. The request for comments and ideas from the public hit home.

I have an idea regarding the Perkins Road exit ramps that I hope you may consider if you have not yet done so. Do NOT tear down the ramps but repurpose them into a double decker park or recreational area. NYC has a walking park built up on an unused highway which is popular. Baton Rouge doesn’t have many hills and these ramps could be uses to hike, climb, maybe bike or skateboard. The underneath part could be a covered recreational area with shade or protection from rain. Perhaps some sort of amphitheater could be there or at least be a look out point. It could be a monument to DODT.
Your work is appreciated.
Thank you for your consideration.
Juliette Hynes


The Perkins Road ramps have to be removed in order to improve the ramps for Acadian Throughway. We appreciate your comments and will consider reuse of the existing pavement that is at grade/on the ground.