Robert Sherman


This project does not address the problem. We need alternate routes! A loop, another MS River bridge and/or better surface streets!


Data-driven analysis conducted in 2015 by the industry-led CRISIS group, ranked the widening of I-10 as the single most important project, and the one that would deliver the most bang for the buck relative to alleviating traffic congestion. As represented by DOTD from the Feasibility Study stage of this project, widening I-10 is a part of an overall vision to improve traffic conditions in the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area. During the Stage 0 Feasibility Study for this project, alternative regional transportation improvements were considered during the traffic study including a new southern Mississippi River Bridge crossing and a Northern Bypass. Though these megaprojects will provide improved traffic flow through the Baton Rouge metro area, the I-10 Improvement through Baton Rouge is necessary to help alleviate congestion through the area.