Deborah Roe


6. Sound barriers over the lakes are not only not necessary but hide Baton Rouge’s greatest scenery. When sound barriers were asked for the area around the overpass, the answer was we have to request money for that simply move sound barriers to business and heavily populated neighborhoods. DO A REQUEST FOR CHANGE MOVING SOUND BARRIERS AWAY FROM LAKES OVERPASS AND PLACING THEM IN THE SMALL BUSINESS RESIDENTIAL AREA OF THE PROJECT.


DOTD is required to investigate the reasonableness and feasibility of reducing noise levels from I-10 for impacted residences. Per federal and state noise policy, noise barriers cannot be located or relocated at random, they must be evaluated and meet the criteria for reasonableness and feasibility. Our analysis demonstrated that some noise barriers are reasonable and feasible and qualify for federal funding and others do not (they are not both reasonable and feasible). Noise barriers that do not qualify for federal funding require a special state allocation to be constructed. DOTD and the project team are researching and evaluating options for those noise barriers that would preserve the view of City Park Lake.