Larry Rath


Having moved to University Gardens after the 2016 flood, I have observed that the I-10 Eastbound Acadian on-ramp lane is used as a cut-through for folks to get from Acadian to College drive. Thus, we have folks only driving 40 mph to cut over to College which results in people entering I-10 eastbound traffic only going 40 mph. This causes I-10 to back up to the bridge during rush-hour. I vote for a second lane, service road, to allow slow cars to be in the right lane going to College Dr. with the left lane being an acceleration/deceleration lane as intended. Another observation: going west on I-10, the signs telling folks that I-10 west to Lafayette is a left exit need to be seen a lot sooner. Folks unfamiliar with the road who are in the far right lane have a last-minute warning to get in the middle lane to go west on I-10 instead of I-110. This, plus the fact of this being on an up-hill tends to slow traffic down at this interchange – especially trucks in the far right lane needing to get in the middle lane. Requiring no trucks in the far left lane in both directions on I-10 and I-12 would also improve traffic flow.


The alternative to have a frontage road or braided ramp between Acadian and College was studied in the Stage 0 Feasibility Study and did not move into the Stage 1 study due to environmental impacts.