Ronald Ray


Now, where else was I? In addition to my three lanes coming off the bridge consistently, the exit at the split, at the 12/10 split, 10 needs to be maintained at three lanes there also. 12 does too, because it’s got plenty of traffic. But I’m kind of concentrating on 10. They both need to be three lanes at the split with the decision lane being the lane in the middle of five lanes on the original 10. Oh, God, that didn’t make any sense at all. Wait a minute. Three lanes need to split off at the I-10/12 split going eastbound. They both have them, but they don’t at the split, so they both split at two. Well, that means those go down to two. They need to be three.


Traffic Analysis shows that two lanes are required on I-10 Eastbound from the Bridge and two lanes are required from I-110 Southbound to I-10 Eastbound. This configuration makes up the proposed four through lanes on I-10 Eastbound east of the I-10/I-110 Interchange.