Georgann Mire


Hello – I live in University Gardens and I am opposed to this expansion.
If, however, widening I-10 at Perkins is inevitable, then please make plans to creatively develop the existing and new areas under the overpass to improve outcomes for our neighborhood. Add to the charm of the area and mitigate the property value loss through enhancements. Such as……
LSU School of Landscape Architecture could take on the project to reimage ways to use this space to create usable, walkable areas that contribute to the community instead of ruining it.
 Improve walkability along Perkins and safe crosswalks
 Create a BREC Pocket Park for kids to play
 Create a sculpture garden park
 Transform the space into a spot for food trucks and farmers market
 Give tax incentives to develop shops and restaurants under the Interstate
 Create better parking – the existing parking under the overpass is filled with pot holes
 Attractively connect the space with the LSU running/walking paths


Thank you for your comments. DOTD is actively working on CSS for this area. Designs will be presented during the public hearing.