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Deborah Fuller

Comment: How about we consider the ramps at college? Response: Thank you for your comment. We are considering modification of the westbound exit lanes.

Devin Lance Graham

Comment: Use the frontage road as the access ramp and reduce the amount of traffic lights on College. The two back to back lights can be replaced by a large traffic circle. At the end of the Frontage Road, access the Interstate. Use the funds saved on materials on Interstate at ramp to improve Frontage […]

Cody Matherne

Comment: Over the years of living and driving around Baton Rouge, what I have come to notice is where the traffic usually begins is at on ramps. This seems to be because people typically have a fear of or have never learned to merge into lanes of traffic. This is especially the issue at the […]

Ronald Ray

Comment: Now, there’s one other thing. I’m not through yet, but let me think a minute. Okay. This is my issue Number 2: Is there any way possible to, please, get a right-hand entrance ramp off College Drive westbound instead of having to turn left on the loop-de-loop? I still want to leave that entrance […]

James Varnado

Comment: Also, on that service road that you, that you are building, you should also make provisions for exits to streets prior to College Drive. Because that would allow some of the traffic to be dispersed because a lot of people want to go right to Corporate. And if you made exits, a couple of […]

Maria DiVincenti

Comment: If we can’t build a new bridge or do a loop how about looking into widening Airline Highway and directing traffic towards the old bridge? Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion. Response: During the Stage 0 Feasibility Study for this project, alternative regional transportation improvements were considered including a new southern Mississippi […]

Blanche Gladney

Comment: I think the biggest problem we actually have that everyone knows is getting over the bridge. Even if you bring all these people, add a lane, you’re still going to have more people crowded up trying to get across the bridge. If you could find a way to get the people, the big trucks, […]

Tim Harris

Comment: And what I couldn’t even think about and I kept waiting and kept waiting and they never talked about, the bridge that was existing that they built from nowhere to nowhere again, New Roads to St. Francisville, on another road coming straight from Alexandria. If you draw a line, as the crow flies, it’s […]

Laura Marvin

Comment: I have listened to your video….if you would like for people who live & work here in Baton Rouge to be able to get to work & around the city then you need to have alternative routes not just ONE route that was a poor poor design to begin with…..if you keep funneling traffic […]

Patrick Mascarella

Comment: First comment, I think that doing this project with the widening costing $360,000,000 is a waste of money and a waste of time. First reason, in about two or three years after completion, it will be just as congested. It’ll be just as bad as it is now, different way, different manner, but the […]

Dianna Odom

Comment: As an architect who has studied urban design, I do not understand why the proponents of this plan think that funneling 4 lanes of traffic into 2 lanes of traffic is better than funneling 3 lanes of traffic into 2 lanes of traffic across the bridge. The bridge is the problem here and until […]

Davis Rhorer

Comment: 2) LSU Access & Signage Due to the limitations of traveling through the LSU campus via vehicle, access to the east side of LSU and the surrounding urbanized area is critical to the success of this project. Southbound travelers from I-110 would be limited to two options to access the LSU east campus at […]

Dale Severio

Comment: Why does DOTD not support a toll loop ? Exit I10 East of Grosse Tete go south until turning east to tie into hwy1 between Addis and Dow . Cross Mississippi River turning slight southeast to tie intoI10 west of Hwy 73 ? Allow oil companies to build service stations in middle of loop […]

Southside Civic Association and Carol Ann Brown

Comment: 16. How are Dalrymple-I-10 ramps being configured to help alleviate traffic from LSU so not everyone is forced to use S. Acadian or College Dr. Response: An eastbound entrance ramp to I-10 from Dalrymple Drive is being provided by utilizing the westbound entrance ramp and collector road to the dedicated U-Turn under I-10 just […]