James Varnado


Also, on that service road that you, that you are building, you should also make provisions for exits to streets prior to College Drive. Because that would allow some of the traffic to be dispersed because a lot of people want to go right to Corporate. And if you made exits, a couple of exits to the service road there, as they do in Texas, which works in Texas phenomenally — I don’t understand how we can go to Texas and drive on these roads and see how well they do, and then we come here and we lose our minds and don’t do the same thing. It just, it just irks me.


Alternatives to the College Drive interchange were considered in the Stage 0 Feasibility Study and did not move into the Stage 1 study due to environmental impacts. The project team is considering a slip ramp that would allow travelers on the College Drive westbound off ramp to access Corporate Boulevard via Trust Drive.