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Comment: What are the impacts to our community? Response: The Environmental Assessment will consider impacts associated with the construction and operation of the project.

Renee Shortess

Comment: I am also very concerned about construction impacts. It appears that South Eugene will have to be relocated approximately 30′ to the east. What limitations will be placed on the Contractor to minimize access problems to Honeysuckle? My house already vibrates from the traffic on the interstate. What will the Contractor be required to […]

Maria DiVincenti

Comment: I don’t feel our biggest concern or care is acquisition but the value or our property during and after completion of I-10 widening. I do believe the real estate answers at, Thursday night’s meeting, were not able to conclude or dispel our concerns (not just questions on acquisition). Response: Thank you for your comments. […]

Maria DiVincenti

Comment: The questionable light blue and dark blue lines were not definitive. Showing “the small amount of property to the rear of our townhomes that may be needed” as you stated is still our common area and would have to be discussed. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Meghan Hemingway

Comment: Only take the land that is needed, replace what was taken X2. If this is done we thrive, if it isn’t we only survive for 1 generation. Response: Brochures from DOTD’s Real Estate section with more details on the acquisition process can be downloaded here:

Joshua Joseph, Jr.

Comment: Great concern for our property use and value due to this project. Response: Thank you for your comment.

Jean Lowrey

Comment: 3. What reflection will this project have on our property value? I am concerned that my tenants might want to move out now that there is supposedly going to be massive construction, which of course you know will not likely be completed on time (based on the rest of the construction/destruction around Baton Rouge. […]

NeCole Pinsonat

Comment: I am very on concerned. The interstate is already on top of us… looks like the want to move it closer. The noise will be unbearable. I have lost 2 sale because of what’s coming. I think They should buy our complex. A few questions below: 1. When will we get a definitive answer […]

Jean Lowrey

Comment: I’m in Building 2 of the Hollydale condos. I am worried about all tenants being inconvenienced during construction. Any amount of common area taken from our space will affect all who are living there. Response: DOTD will maintain access for residences during construction.

Kacee Albano

Comment: There is NOT enough information regarding what will happen to/how our property will be affected. My tenants are asking lots of questions and you haven’t given us the answers yet. I own 2E in Hollydale. Please advise and please do not to disrupt our precious little urban area that people have worked so hard […]

Sandra Ribes

Comment: I own unit 4E in 2293 Hollydale It is in line with the ad post you are taking down. Are you telling me you have to take down the post but not the adjacent condo where people live and sleep? I am very concerned about the dynamics. I could not find my unit on […]

Maria DiVincenti

Comment: After attending the meeting on Thursday August 30th, 2018, I felt my many questions were not given any definitive answers. The “Real Estate” area could not answer my questions but I was told that the “billboards” would be removed. If you look at our property an existing billboard is inside our gated community and […]

Robert D. Huey

Comment: I need to find out ASAP where the new right-of-way is going to fall. The house @2547 Honeysuckle Ave. It is slated to be torn down. Mine is right next door. 2533 Honeysuckle Ave.The state is telling me they need to buy some of my property. I need a real estate rep to come […]


Comment: 18. Why wouldn’t it be better idea to widen Airline Highway and make it six lanes first from Plank Road to Prairieville before work of any kind much less this radical widening is even contemplated on the interstate Response: DOTD investigated this in the Baton Rouge Urban Mobility Plan (BUMP) study.  Model runs showed […]