Diane Bynum

Comment: Please do not remove the trees from the green space. Response: DOTD will be replacing trees in accordance with their Significant Tree policy and will replant where, possible in […]

Ryan Carruth

Comment: Baton Rouge is rapidly developing, and often that means losing the green spaces in our city. Please take care to preserve the greenery our city enjoys! Budget for the […]

Salavadore Christina, Jr.

Comment: 1 I. What about the trees on Perkins and S. Acadian. Are they being removed and if so what is planned to replace them? Response: DOTD will be replacing […]

Charles Coates

Comment: Roadway and median trees and other green infrastructure are an essential priority for attractive roadways in Baton Rouge. Accordingly, funds must be included by LADOTD in its project budget […]

Peggy Coates

Comment: We are so fortunate to have a non-profit organization like Baton Rouge Green that promotes the conservation and planting of native trees in the greater Baton Rouge community. Baton […]

Kamran Abdollahi, Ph.D.

Comment: 1) Our city’s roadside trees and green infrastructure and critical and significantly valuable to me. 2) DOTD must allocate adequate funds and budget for comprehensive management for our valuable […]

Joe Alton

Comment: In an effort to recover the loss of ecological and environmental services that trees provide, all trees removed during the I-10 corridor improvement should be allowed for and replaced […]

Rawlston Phillips, III

Comment: To whom it may concern. I am in support of the overall project and realize that some times you must give to get and there will be impacted areas […]

Fred Sibley

Comment: It is my understanding that the DOTD is proposing a project to widen I-10 and I-12 through Baton Rouge. While this is a valuable and worthwhile project, the current […]

Sharon Weston Broome

Comment: Dear Secretary Wilson: The Interstate 10 Widening construction project, SPN H.004100.2 / Federal Aid Project No. H004100 (hereafter referred to as “The I-10 Widening Project”) is crucial to the […]

Sarah Harrison

Comment: To whom it may concern. First of all we should be building a loop instead of widening I-10 but seems like the decision has been made, so please please […]