Sarah Harrison


To whom it may concern. First of all we should be building a loop instead of widening I-10 but seems like the decision has been made, so please please PLEASE can we try to spare as many mature trees as possible? Our gorgeous trees add to our city’s overall appeal and clean our air as well as reduce temperature and help prevent flooding. Green spaces are important to me and my family! Thank you for considering my perspective and have a great day.


During the Stage 0 Feasibility Study for this project, alternative regional transportation improvements were considered including a new southern Mississippi River Bridge crossing and a Northern Bypass. Though these megaprojects will provide improved traffic flow through the Baton Rouge metro area, the I-10 Improvement through Baton Rouge is necessary to help alleviate congestion through the area. The proposed configuration does show two dedicated lanes on I-10 eastbound combining with two lanes from I-110 southbound to make up the four through lanes for I-10 Eastbound to the I-10/I-12 Split. DOTD will be replacing trees in accordance with their Significant Tree policy and will replant where, possible in coordination with Baton Rouge Green.