Davis Rhorer

Comment: 4) Braddock Complete Street Proposal The LADOTD proposed complete street improvements on Braddock Street connecting Expressway Park to Dalrymple Drive provide citizens a safe route to travel as a […]

Eric Dexter

Comment: Please keep the bike/pedestrian design element you currently have included. Also, please add bike/pedestrian elements that have been omitted, such as a sidewalk along the east side of S. […]

Pat Arbour

Comment: PLEASE keep the bike/pedestrian design elements included thus far. These items have a way of vanishing from the “plans” and are an essential safety feature. THANK YOU. Response: Thank […]


Comment: I saw an exhibit that showed a multi-use path looping out and back on the west of Acadian Thruway, connecting the Thruway north of I-10 to south of I-10, […]

J Harris

Comment: Infrastructure design should work with human psychology to anticipate human behavior and provide safe facilities. It is great that the I-10 Widening Project includes multi-use paths and walkways for […]