Davis Rhorer


4) Braddock Complete Street Proposal The LADOTD proposed complete street improvements on Braddock Street connecting Expressway Park to Dalrymple Drive provide citizens a safe route to travel as a pedestrian or on a bicycle and should be implemented as part of this project. Expressway Park is a component of the overall Downtown Greenway, a pedestrian and bicycling corridor that links inner city residential neighborhoods to downtown parks, businesses, and cultural attractions. The connection of the Braddock Street Complete Street to the Downtown Greenway at Expressway Park should be thoroughly analyzed and developed to ensure a safe transition between the two bicycle/pedestrian systems. I applaud the project teams’ effort to connect and develop safe bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.


Thank you for your comment. We will continue to work with BREC and the DDD to select a route that compliments other routes both existing and planned.