I saw an exhibit that showed a multi-use path looping out and back on the west of Acadian Thruway, connecting the Thruway north of I-10 to south of I-10, and spanning Dawson Creek. There is also another exhibit showing good pedestrian and bicycle paths on the Nairn bridge. I appreciate the provision of sidewalks and paths that provide safer crossings by avoiding conflicts with traffic entering and exiting I-10. This is really fabulous, forward thinking, and inclusive. However, pedestrians will always be tempted to take the shortest route. They may be running late for work, or they just want to get to their destination more quickly because the weather is so very hot and humid. So these great facilities should not replace pedestrian infrastructure that runs directly alongside surface streets. Formal pedestrian infrastructure still needs to be provided along Acadian Thruway, College, and other surface streets and roads as they pass under I-10. This infrastructure should include sidewalks, striped crossings, and walk/don’t walk signals.


Thank you for your comments. Concepts for Acadian are incomplete at this time, we will take your suggestion under advisement.